2016 Football Parking



























 2016 Football Parking Lot Requirements

PURPLE LOTBronze Sabre and above
GOLD LOTScholarship and above
SILVER LOTScholarship and above
WHITE LOT (inside fence)Scholarship and above
WHITE LOT (road)*Jolly Roger and above
BLUE LOTJolly Roger and above 
GRAY LOTJolly Roger and above 
LOWER MINGESGolden Pirate and above  
CLARK-LeCLAIR LOTGolden Pirate and above
ELMHURST SCHOOLGolden Pirate and above 
 WILLIAMS JUNGLEGolden Pirate and above 
 STRATFORD ARMSSkull and Crossbones and above 
 CAROL BELK BUILDINGBuccaneeer (Zone 1and 2)
 CAROL BELK BUILDINGSwashbuckler (Zone 3)

 * Includes CL Lot 1-32       * New member request only (if available)

Same Parking Assignment:  All donors who had parking for the 2014 football season may maintain their same parking space/lot provided they remain at the same giving level AND purchase season tickets by the April 1 deadline, and pay the required parking fee, if required. NOTE:  Due to possible construction projects and the loss of some parking spaces, reassignment of some parking spaces may result.

Location Change Requests: 
 Any requests for changing your parking location should be submitted in writing to the Pirate Club Office by April 1 as well as on the season ticket application.

Elmhurst School:  
We will continue to offer our members parking at Elmhurst School.  The Pirate Club will require all donors (except Sabre Society level) to pay a parking fee of $140.  All donors who parked at Elmhurst School in 2014 will be able to maintain parking provided they renew at the same giving level, purchase season tickets by the April 1 deadline, and pay the $140 parking fee ($300 for RV permits).   Any new requests for the limited remaining spaces will be required to be at the Golden Pirate ($2, 000 minimum) level.  Please feel free to call the Pirate Club Office with any additional questions.

Sabre Society Parking ($8,250 minimum and above):  
All donors at the Sabre Society level will qualify for two (2) reserved parking passes in a primary lot based upon the purchase of six (6) or more season tickets.

Jolly Roger Level ($3,300 minimum) and Scholarship Level ($5,300 minimum):  Donors may purchase a second parking pass for $70 ($140 at Elmhurst School or Stratford Arms) provided they purchase a minimum of six (6) season tickets in their name.  Parking location of the second pass will be either at Elmhurst School, Williams Jungle, or Carol Belk, for the Jolly Roger level and either Clark-LeClair Stadium or Lower Minges for the Scholarship level.

Purple Pirate Level ($1,400 minimum) and Golden Pirate Level ($2,000):  Donors who received parking at Elmhurst, Lower Minges, or Clark LeClair in 2014 will have the opportunity to purchase parking  in these lots by giving at the Purple Pirate level.  Any new donor, or current donor that has not qualified for these lots in the past will need to give at the Golden Pirate level (minimum $2,000) to have the opportunity to secure parking in Elmhurst, Lower Minges, or Clark-LeClair.

Skull & Crossbones Level ($750 - $1,399):  
Must purchase a parking pass for $70 in 2015, except those accounts parking at Elmhurst School and Stratford Arms who pay $140.

Buccaneer Level ($500 - $749):  
Will park at the Carol Belk Building (CB) Lot in 2015, and must purchase a parking pass for $70. (Zones 1 & 2)

Swashbuckler Level ($250 - $499):  
Donors may purchase parking for $140.  Carol Belk Lot (zone 3 only) based upon availability. 

Elmhurst RV Parking:  
Must meet the minimum requirements to park at Elmhurst School and purchase an RV parking pass ($300). All allocated spaces were sold out in 2014.

VIP Lot RV Parking:  Must meet the Skull & Crossbones minimum priority point total of 200 or more points.  All allocated spaces were sold out in 2014, however, additional RV parking may be available in 2015.

Stratford Arms: Once the site of an aging apartment community, the area was acquired by the University and converted into a sprawling lot boasting 250 numbered spaces for Skull & Crossbones and above members.  With large expanses of grass and plenty of trees for shade, the Stratford Arms lot is perfect for tailgating and season parking passes can be purchased for just $140. 


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